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Senators Weigh Resolution Threatening U.S. Attack On Iran

A bi-partisan group of senators are set to introduce a resolution threatening a U.S. attack on Iran if the Islamic Republic intensifies its war against Israel. The threat comes in the form of a non-binding resolution drafted by Republican Lindsey Graham [R-SC] and Democrat Richard Blumenthal [D-Conn]. It warn of a U.S. attack in the event Iran intensifies the conflict by unleashing it’s proxy Hezbollah, or by killing any U.S. forces in the region. There have been several attacks. The tough talk amounts to a bid at “peace through strength” Graham telling CNN “Israel is begging us to deter Iran, they don’t want the war to widen,” Blumenthal calls the resolution “aggressive but necessary” and says -quote-“the key word here is deterrence. The purpose of the resolution is to deter Iran.

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Gary Varvel
Fri, Dec 1, 2023