Salem Radio Network News Monday, December 4, 2023


“Maxibus”: Senate To Combine All Nine Remaining Appropriations Bills Into One

Rushed for time, the Senate is consdering passing a major “Max-Bus” spending bill to allow passage of NINE appropriations bills by the end of the year. Debating large spending bill can be time consuming. Last week the Senate managed to pass an omnbus bill that combined THREE of the major annual spending bills into ONE. Although it had passed out of committee with unanimous support it took senators nearly SEVEN weeks to pass the bill. Now, with only a few legislative days before Thanksgiving, and about THREE weeks in December, lawmakers hope they’ll be able to speed the process by including all NINE remaining ills in a first of it’s kind “Maxi-Bus” bill to avoid the threat of yet another potential government shutdown.

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Steve Breen
Wed, Nov 29, 2023