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CEOs got smaller raises, but still far outpace typical worker salaries


( ) -q-30- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “workers too wide.”

After ballooning for years, CEO pay growth is finally slowing.

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TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting. The median pay for workers at companies included in the AP survey was $77,178, up 1.3%. That means it would take that worker 186 years to make what a CEO making the median pay earned just last year.

VERBATIM: The typical compensation package for chief executives who run S&P 500 companies rose just 0.9% last year, to a median of $14.8 million. That’s according to data analyzed for The AP by Equilar. It was the smallest increase since 2015. Still, that’s unlikely to silence mounting criticism that CEO pay has become excessively high and the imbalance between company bosses and rank-and-file workers too wide.

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Steve Breen
Sun, Sep 24, 2023