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What are leaders saying at the UN climate summit?

DUBAI (Reuters) – World leaders addressed the COP28 summit on Saturday, where their countries’ delegations are assessing progress towards meeting global climate goals.

Here are the latest comments:


“For us it is important that this fund benefits the most vulnerable countries and that as many of us support this fund as possible,” he said via a translator on the climate disaster fund. “For the countries whose prosperity has grown enormously over the last decades and which have contributed to a large extent to today’s global emissions also bear responsibility: We need your support too.”


“Loss and damage alone, however, is only a part of the equation. Because for every dollar that we spend before disaster, we can save $7 in damage, and indeed loss of lives.

“The truth is that we are in danger of being sucked into an international media frenzy that allows us only to capture that which can be captured in a soundbite. Our world is more complex than that, and we continue to need significant funds for adaptations for countries that simply will not be met unless there’s a different approach to how we address both the capitalisation of the international financial institutions, the commitment of countries, and, indeed, the recognition that non state actors and individuals need to come to the table to add to the capitalisation.”


In a speech read out by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin due to the pope’s ill health, he said: “I am with you because the destruction of the environment is an offence against God.”

“Brothers and sisters, it is essential that there be a breakthrough that is not a partial change of course, but rather a new way of making progress together.”


“This is a pivotal moment. Our action collectively, or worse, our inaction, will impact billions of people for decades to come. For as much as we have accomplished there is still so more work to do, and continued progress will not be possible without a fight.

“Around the world, there are those who seek to slow or stop our progress. Leaders who deny climate science, delay climate action and spread misinformation. Corporations that greenwash climate inaction and lobby for billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies.

“In the face of their resistance, and in the context of this moment, we must do more.”


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(Reporting by William James, Elizabeth Piper and Nandita Bose)


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