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The Media Line: Israeli Military Reveals Hamas Command Center in MRI Department of Gaza’s Shifa Hospital (VIDEO)

Israeli Military Reveals Hamas Command Center in MRI Department of Gaza’s Shifa Hospital 

Video and photographic evidence unequivocally proves presence of Hamas operational headquarters within Shifa 

By The Media Line Staff 

An IDF spokesman revealed that the air force’s Shaldag special forces unit and units of the army’s 36th Armored Division located an operational command center, technological equipment, and weapons at Shifa Hospital within the MRI building.

In another department, they also located an operational command center and technical equipment belonging to Hamas, proving that the hospital has been used for terrorist purposes.

The technology and intelligence equipment, along with ample intelligence information, were located and transferred for further investigation by the relevant personnel.

While entering the hospital, the soldiers encountered several terrorists, engaging with and ultimately neutralizing them.

Inside one of the departments, they located a room with unique technological equipment, military gear, and combat gear used by Hamas.

An IDF spokesman said that the army continues to operate in the hospital’s compounds while making use of the intelligence and refraining from harming the military teams, patients, and civilians.

Head of IDF Spokesperson’s Unit Daniel Hagari commented, “We are working to facilitate the evacuation of the hospitals. All the hospitals in the [Gaza] Strip, including those in the north. I mean [evacuate them towards the south], to safer hospitals, including Shifa Hospital.”

IDF forces say hospital staff cooperated with Hamas to help them escape and to hide evidence of the terrorist presence within the hospital, including covering entrances to tunnels and bunkers with concrete and tile.

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