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The Media Line: Regev to TML: If Military Action on Iran Is Necessary, Israel Could Go It Alone (VIDEO)

Ambassador Mark Regev to TML: If Military Action on Iran Is Necessary, Israel Could Go It Alone 

Former senior diplomat and adviser to Prime Minister Netanyahu says the new government must be judged by its actions 

By Felice Friedson / The Media Line 

Ambassador Mark Regev is a veteran diplomat who currently chairs the Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations at Reichman University. He served as the prime minister’s senior adviser for foreign affairs and international communications and was Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. Previously, he was the international spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office. Mark Regev is also a visiting fellow at the Institute for National Security.

TML: Thank you so much for joining me here at The Media Line! 

Mark Regev: My pleasure!

TML: Ambassador Regev, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gotten his fair share of negative press from those not liking the new government’s political alignment, even before it had a chance to govern or to flesh out its policies. Is it fair to call out the alarm bells yet? 

Mark Regev: I think the government should be given the credit that it is due. It is a democratically elected government. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and this government has been freely elected by the Israeli people. Some might like the results. Some might not like the results, but I think that we should all respect the process.

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