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Poland to announce further pandemic curbs this week – PM

WARSAW (Reuters) -Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said his government would present a new package of pandemic restrictions this week in response to the new Omicron coronavirus variant and was considering how to handle the approaching Christmas holidays.

“Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow at the latest, we will present a second (package) related to the Christmas situation, and as reaction to the virus’ Omicron mutation because the situation is indeed not looking good… We have many deaths,” Morawiecki told a news conference.

“We will strengthen the vaccination mechanism, making it compulsory for some jobs. We are considering this and we will certainly discuss stronger restrictions in certain places for people who are not vaccinated.”

Pandemic restrictions in Poland are relatively limited. They include the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces and limits on the number of people allowed into public venues such as restaurants.

Only 54% of Poles are fully vaccinated, lower than the 66.4% average in the European Union.

Amid concerns over the new variant, at the end of November Poland banned flights to seven African countries, extended the quarantine period for some travellers and reduced limits on numbers allowed into shops or bars.

The health ministry reported 13,250 new coronavirus infections on Monday and 25 COVID-related deaths, but numbers are usually lower after the weekend.

Poland, with a total population of 38 million, has recorded more than three and a half million COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic and 85,700 deaths.

(Reporting by Anna Wlodarczak-Semczuk, Pawel Florkiewicz and Anna Koper; Editing by Gareth Jones)


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