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Radioactive water leaks at Minn. nuclear plant for 2nd time


( ) -q-23- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “northwest of Minneapolis.”

Water containing a radioactive material has leaked for a second time from a nuclear plant near Minneapolis.

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Out-cue: northwest of Minneapolis]

TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting. A monthslong delay in announcing the initial leak has raised questions about public safety and transparency, but industry experts say there was never a public health threat.

VERBATIM: Xcel Energy says the plant is being shut down, but there is no danger to the public. The company says a leak of what was believed to be hundreds of gallons of water containing tritium was discovered this week from a temporary fix at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant. The plant is where 400,000 gallons of water with tritium also leaked in November. The plant is about 38 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

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