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IMF to assess Sri Lankan governance as part of $3B bailout


( ) -q-24- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “Sri Lanka’s president.”

The International Monetary Fund says it is assessing Sri Lanka’s governance in the first case of an Asian country facing scrutiny for corruption as part of a bailout program.

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TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting. The economic situation in Sri Lanka has improved under current President Ranil Wickremesinghe, but his plans to privatize state companies have raised objections.

VERBATIM: The IMF executive board approved a nearly $3 billion bailout program for the bankrupt nation. Some $333 million will be disbursed immediately. Sri Lanka suspended repayment of its debt last year as it ran short of foreign currency needed to pay for imports of fuel and other essentials. The crisis led to street protests that forced out Sri Lanka’s president.

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