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Exxon Mobil sued as 5 nooses displayed at Louisiana facility


( ) -q-26- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “investigated the complaints.”

The U.S. government says Exxon Mobil violated federal law for failing to take sufficient action as five hangman’s nooses were displayed at a facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Out-cue: investigated the complaints]

TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting.

VERBATIM: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges in its lawsuit that a Black employee found a hangman’s noose at his worksite at the chemical plant in January 2020. The government says Exxon knew of three other nooses found at the complex, but failed to take action to prevent such harassment, and then a fifth noose appeared. Exxon Mobil says it disagrees with the allegations and that it investigated the complaints.

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