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EU ministers trying, again, for compromise on gas price cap


( ) -q-28- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “and power factories.”

European Union ministers are trying again to finalize a long-awaited deal to implement a natural gas price cap that they hope can help households and businesses better weather excessive price surges.

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Title: EU-GAS-PRICE-CAP-house-q-MONam
Out-cue: and power factories]

TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting.

VERBATIM: The ministers have previously failed to overcome their differences at five previous so-called emergency meetings. Several E-U leaders said last week that fixing a maximum ceiling to pay for gas was likely to be achieved this time. The 27 nations have stuck together through nine rounds of sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine and energy-saving measures to avoid shortages of the fuel used to generate electricity, heat homes and power factories.

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