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Adani accuses short-seller Hindenburg of attacking India


( ) -q-22- UNDATED (Correspondent Jeremy House) “and its institutions.”
India’s Adani Group, run by Asia’s richest man, has hit back at a report from U.S.-based short-seller Hindenburg Research, calling it “malicious,” “baseless” and full of “selective misinformation.”

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Out-cue: and its institutions]

TAG: Correspondent Jeremy House reporting. Hindenburg has denied the allegations and said the group’s response failed to address key questions.

VERBATIM: Shares in the conglomerate have suffered massive losses since Hindenburg issued its report alleging fraud and other malfeasance. Adani has also accused Hindenburg of trying to derail a share sale originally expected to bring in about $2.5 billion. Adani’s 400-page rebuttal accuses Hindenburg of attacking India and its institutions.

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